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Multi-Tech Air Purifier for Mold

The air purifier with the features you need for mold concerns.

Multi-Tech Features:

Offers multiple technologies to address the multiple pollutant types created from mold.

1. HEPA Air Filter

The most effective filter type for particles and allergens, such as mold spores.

2. Germicidal UV Lamp

Ultraviolet light is the most effective air purification technology against micro-organisms. This includes the mycotoxins generated from mold. UV rays are deadly for mycotoxins.

3. Ionizer

Negative ions (produced by the built-in ionizer) have proven to enhance the performance of air filters. Negative ions are also effective at removing allergens from the air, and disinfecting bacteria.

4. Activated Carbon Filter & Sanitizer

Both of these technologies are effective against odors. Mildew odors often accompany mold.

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