Temporary Walls and Barriers for Mold Containment

Temporary walls allow containing rooms or other areas affected by mold, making both containment and clean-up easier and safer.

The temporary containment wall systems below are not only for mold remediation work, but also for remodeling, concrete work, drywall work, lead abatement, painting and more. Their reusability and versatility makes both systems worth consideration for any renovation or remodeling work where dust, mold or other containment is required.

The Best Temporary Wall Systems:

Both of the products below were chosen for their easy setup, reusability and versatility. Both kits offer a solution which is reusable allowing for cost-savings over time.

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ZipWall Temporary Wall Dust Barrier System

ZipWall Wall Barrier Kit - 30' (Poles and Plastic Sheathing)


This popular ZipWall Dust Barrier Kit includes everything necessary to create a 30′ plastic wall barrier. The kit includes everything to make a sealed barrier on the floor, ceiling and to walls as well as to create door openings.

This dust and mold barrier kit will safely cordon off a room needing mold remediation.

ZipWall’s tapeless seals do not damage walls, paint or wallpaper and can easily be set-up by one person.

This reusable, tapeless ZipWall starter kit includes:

  • 4 Zip Poles – Steel spring-loaded, twist-locking poles which can accept plastic or cloth temporary wall sheathing up to an 8 mil thickness. Capable of a maximum wall height of 20 feet.
  • 4 Grip Disks – Plastic disks for stabilizing Zip Poles base to flooring material requiring more grip to prevent slipping.
  • 3 mil Dust Barrier Plastic Sheathing – 10′ x 50′ of continuous plastic sheathing which provides privacy while still allowing light to shine through.
Expandable Mold Barrier Wall System by ZipWall shows with a Commercial Door

The dust barrier system can be expanded using additional Zip Poles, plastic sheathing, FoamRails, PassThroughs, SidePack Wall Mount Kits, ZipDoors, Commercial Doors} and larger kits are available often with more components and lower overall pricing.

In addition to being a quick set-up, easy take-down that offers tapeless temporary walls, ZipWalls are also an environmentally conscious choice as they are reusable as opposed to disposable.

RE-U-ZIP Magnetic and Zipper Entry for Temporary Walls

RE-U-ZIP Professional Dust Barrier Entry Kit


While ZipWall is well known for it’s complete temporary wall systems, if there is one area where they’ve been outdone it is in their door openings. Enter RE-U-ZIP. RE-U-ZIP manufactures zipper doors and their popular magnetic door openings for mold and dust remediation barrier walls.

The magnetic door entries are very popular on both residential and commercial mold remediation sites as they don’t require zipping and unzipping. The hands-free magnetic doors work with any plastic sheathing and have strong magnets good up to 5 pascals of air pressure.

Included in the RE-U-ZIP Pro System Wall Door Kit:

  • 6 Reusable and Lockable Dust Barrier Zipper
  • 1 Reusable Self-Closing Magnetic Entry Strip
  • 16 Disposable Mounting Strips
  • Zip Ties
  • Carrying Case
Temporary Wall Entry Options

While most often use for mold remediation or other restoration work, the magnetic entry strips area also used in healthcare settings.