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Toxic Black Mold
Professional Removing Toxic Black Mold

Mold is a headache for a homeowner, property owner or landlord. Toxic black mold can often go unnoticed until there is not only structural damage but a health risk. The goal of this website is to provide information for the general public, those considering a career in mold remediation, related industries, homeowners and business owners.

Mold information and removal

There are two main areas of this website. The first is educational content about mold. The. second area is mold removal best-practices and industry information collected from mold professionals and government agencies. Finally, we also provide access to mold removal and water damage professionals.

Mold and your health

While this site does provide a variety of information it is important to note that any information regarding health is suggestive in nature. If you believe you have been exposed to toxic mold, or have any other health issue, contact a heath professional to get accurate, specific advice for your situation.