Mold Masks

Our recommendations for mold masks include a full-face respirator, reusable half-mask and a disposable mask option. Each option is N100/P100/R100 rated and safe for mold removal jobs.

The Best Mold Masks Are:

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Best Full-Face Mold Respirator



The best protection for mold removal work is a full-face respirator. This model by 3M is an excellent option. The kit includes the reusable respirator as well as 4 P100-rated filters, suitable for not only mold, but also asbestos, dust and lead.

The masks gets high marks for comfort. Two specific standouts are the mask’s overall fit to the face and the patented Cool Flow Valve. The mask is lightweight, well-balanced, and meets NIOSH P100-series test criteria. Professionals recommend the 6800, and it’s an excellent choice.

The mask is available in both medium and large sizes. We love that this kit comes with not only the mask but also with the required P100 rated filters.

Alternative Respirator: Another favorite by professionals is 3M'S FF-402 Respirator, but do note that this model does not ship with filters/cartridges. If you end up purchasing this one, you’ll also need to pick up P100-rated filters/cartridges, such as 3M's 60923. Doing the math, this route is far more expensive than our pick.

Best Mold Removal Half-Mask



If you have your own eye-protection or don’t want a full facemark, Safety Works’ Multi-Purpose Respirator Half Mask is a great half-mask at a great price for mold removal. This professional-grade half-mask comes with NIOSH P100 approved cartridges.

Beyond organic vapors, the cartridges are also NIOSH approved for protection against Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride and Sulfur Dioxide.

This mask gets high marks for comfort, adjustability, and value. One of the standout comfort-related features is the respirator’s patented, comfortable nose bridge design. Not only is it one of the best on the market, it is also among the lightest, weighing in at 16 ounces.



Another great option in a half-mask for mold remediation work is 3M’s 7503 half-mask. It is compatible with 3M Bayonet Cartridge Filters which are available as P100 rated NIOSH in the 60926 and 60923 cartridge packs.

Some prefer the surety of the bayonet style mounting system 3M employed on this half-mask. And, the widely used cartridges are readily available nationwide.

One feature the 7503 has that competitors and most of 3M’s other masks lack is the CoolFlow valve which makes breathing easier. Also, those wearing goggles will appreciate the downward exhale flow as it minimizes fogging.

Just as a final reminder, the price is the lowest of the half-mask and full-masks listed here, but does not include the 60926 or 60923 P100 cartridge filters.

Best Disposable Mold Mask

3M N100 Disposable Particulate Mask (8233)


3M’s disposable particulate respirators with an N100, P100 or R100 rating are all up to the task of providing breathing protection when working with mold. 3M’s highly regarded N100 8233’s come in a 4-pack and have an effective moldable nosepiece for fit.

Depending upon the scale of your mold cleanup and size of your team, you may want to consider if it is more cost effective to purchase one of the full or half masks above.

If four masks are all you’ll need, and you aren’t looking to do mold remediation long-term, these are a great, affordable throw-away option.