About mold

If asked for a four letter word for something that business and homeowners hope to never see, mold would be a great answer. What many don’t know is that mold isn’t generally a bad thing. In fact, some molds are used in the production of food and drink as well as medicine.

Even the mold that can plague homeowners (often called toxic mold, or toxic black mold) plays a vital role in the environment, breaking down leaves, wood and other biological matter. 

mold aspergillus

Unwelcome mold

While mold may play an important role in the environment and even have benefits to society, mold growth inside a home or business is not welcome. It often leads to expensive mold removal with expensive equipment like dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, air movers and protective gear like respirators and hazmat suits..

Mold feeds on many of the materials used in construction, creating stains, mildewy smells and even leaving destruction in their path. Frustratingly, mold often grows hidden from view, doing unseen damage until discovered.

While visible stains caused by mold and mildew can be removed, the bigger challenge is that visible mold is often accompanied by mold you can’t see.

As or more importantly, when high levels of certain molds are present they can also present serious health risks for occupants.

Learning about molds

Within this section of Toxic Black Mold Info we’ll cover a variety of information with a strong emphasis on indoor mold. Continue reading to learn more about:

For situations where mold is found indoors, we also provide a rundown of how mold is removed. This is known as mold remediation in the restoration and renovation industries.