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Do you have a mold problem?
22 signs to look for in your house or building. [Signs of Mold]

Air Purifiers for Mold
Ideal air purifiers for mold-stricken environments.

Where & How to Find "Toxic Mold"
Several ideas of where to look, including inside cabinets, behind baseboards, in window frames, etc. [Finding Mold]

Preventing Mold Problems
Several tips to prevent mold from becoming a problem in your home or building [Prevention Tips]

How to Clean Up a Mold Problem
Steps to properly cleaning an environment while also protecting your health and safety during the clean-up process [Mold Clean-Up]

Important Products for Mold Prevention:

Air Purifier Buying Guide
Complete guide to buying an air purifier, to reduce airborne mold.

Dehumidifier Buying Guide
Pulling the moisture out of the air will greatly reduce a mold problem...[Dehumidifier Buying Guide]

Humidity Sensor Buying Guide
Since moisture is the only factor that can be controlled when it comes to mold, you need to be able to monitor the moisture level in the air. [Relative Humidity Sensor Buying Guide]

50% of Homes have a Mold Problem -
1994 Harvard study of 10,000 U.S. and Canadian homes found that half had conditions of water damage and mold associated with a 50-100% increase in respiratory symptoms.

Mold: Cause of Nearly all Chronic Sinus Infections -
According to 1999 Mayo Clinic Study

What is the Toxic Black Mold Information Center?

"Toxic Black Mold" Background Information
What mold actually is, how it grows, and how long it's been around (according to the Bible)

How Mold Affects Your Health
It's the cause of nearly all chronic sinus infections, and linked to the 300% increase in asthma over the past 20 years.

Allergies and Mold
Dust mites and mold can also trigger allergic reactions. Make sure your bedroom is as allergy free as possible.

Common Species of Mold
Learn about Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, and even mycotoxins.

Multi-Tech HEPA & Ionic Air Purifier: Hepa air filter and ionizer ideal for capturing mold spores, germicidal UV light destroys the micro-organisms associated with mold. Just $179.

Surround Air - Ionic Air Cleaner - Compare to the Ionic Breeze Air Purifier from Sharper Image

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